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Hey there!

I’m a NYC-based actor and singer with roots in the vibrant beauty of Greece. I carry the essence of the cedar, thyme, olive trees, rugged stone, shimmering sea, and golden sun wherever I go.

Growing up on the beautiful islands of Crete and Rhodes, I became what my friends call an "aeriko"—a pixie, a dreamer, a true Sagittarius with my head often in the clouds. My loyal companion, Max the collie, taught me the meaning of unconditional love. Books, dreams, music, and coffee are my everyday essentials.

From a young age, storytelling has been my passion. Whether writing my own tales or bringing book characters to life, I've always had a story to tell. Some of my fondest memories are singing with my dad and jamming to Deep Purple, Eric Clapton, Manos Hatzidakis, Dimitris Papadimitriou, Elton John, Mikis Theodorakis, Jules Dassin, Bob Dylan, and so many more.

For me, theater and music are one and the same. It's all about the story, whether it’s wrapped in melodies or spoken word.

Performing is my way to deeply understand and connect with others, far beyond the surface that everyone easily sees.

Thanks for stopping by!

"Let's be free like the birds"


Can't Help Falling in Love

Eleanna launched her new video clip performing Can't Help Falling in Love, featuring George Liristis on keyboards and orchestration. The video was filmed at Fire Island, NYC.

The song was first released by Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii  (1961) and was written by George Weiss, Hugo Peretti, and Luigi Creatore.

"Fin Trio" 
The Cutting Room

Eleanna and her band Fin Trio presented their grand summer concert on June 4 2024 at the historic Cutting Room in Manhattan, New York.
An evening filled with melodies and ethnic soundscapes, offering an unforgettable musical experience. A concert program designed to provide surprises, musical contrasts, and inspirations.
Attendees had the opportunity to enjoy the enchanting Middle Eastern violin of Samir Shukry, which harmoniously blended with the Western keyboard sounds of George Liristis, creating a unique sonic landscape. A special musical collaboration completed by the magnificent voice of Eleanna, who transported the audience with her expressiveness and power.

In addition to the rich musical enjoyment, the concert was accompanied by the screening of the video art Species of Heterotopia. This artistic work has been created by researcher and Ph.D. candidate at Columbia University, Nitouche Anthoussi, adding another dimension to the audience's experience, combining visual stimuli with music.

An unforgettable evening at one of New York's most iconic music venues!

The Cutting Room, known for its rich history and warm, welcoming atmosphere, is one of the premier live music venues in Manhattan. Since its establishment, it has hosted some of the biggest names in the music industry (Lady Gaga, Billy Joel, The Shells, etc.) and continues to be a landmark for live music enthusiasts.


Eleanna has taken on the lead role of Sofia Vembo, in the Off-Broadway musical theater production SOFIA VEMBO I REMEMBER YOU, for which she has received rave reviews. SOFIA VEMBO I REMEMBER YOU, directed by George Stamou, premiered on April 12 2024, at THESPIS theater of the Hellenic Cultural Center NYC, as part of the GRis Festival, a celebratory cultural festival with artistic events supporting the town-twinning between New York and Greece. 

Read the review, by E. Sakellis on The National Herald.
Read the review, by D. Tsakas on Anamniseis.

Read Eleanna's interview, by E. Sakellis on The National Herald.


Photographs by V. Skentzos

Goodbye New York,
A New Musical

Eleanna performed in Goodbye New York, A New Musical, next to a dream Broadway team of actors (Arielle Jacobs: Disney’s Aladdin, Wicked, In the Heights - Ben Jeffrey: Disney’s Aladdin, Disney’s The Lion King) and producers (Brian Spector - Keaka Productions: Tony Award winning Broadway producer - The Inheritance, Leopoldstadt - Andrew Paradis: Funny Girl, Macbeth). Goodbye New York, A New Musical, composed by Andrew Beall, was presented at Feinstein's/54 Below and Theater 555 and it is scheduled to run On-Broadway.

Goodbye New York--poster.jpg

One August Night

Eleanna starred, as Fotini, in One August Night, a Greek TV series, directed by Zoie Sgourou and based on the best-selling novel of the same name, by Victoria Hislop.

Anne Frank,
A Musical

Eleanna made her Off-Broadway debut as Edith Frank in Anne Frank, A Musical at Actors Temple Theater.


An Evening with Onassis

Eleanna performed as a cameo, as Maria Callas, in An Evening with Onassis.

Mozart Requiem @Carnegie

Eleanna performed in Mozart Requiem with the New York City Chamber Orchestra as part of the Masterwork Festival Chorus at Carnegie Hall.

LUX @Carnegie

Eleanna was cast in LUX: The Dawn From On High, by Dan Forrest, with the New York City Chamber Orchestra as part of the Masterwork Festival Chorus at Carnegie Hall.


The Miracle of Christmas

Eleanna performed in The Miracle of Christmas at Queens Theater.


Undiscovered NY 

Eleanna participated in the Undiscovered NY Fashion Show.

Faces from Other Places

Eleanna represented Greece in the Faces from Other Places project, by D. Charles.

faces from other places david charles.jpg


Eleanna was a model for Moroccanoil products.

Lexel - Paris Cosmetics

Eleanna was featured on a commercial for Lexel - Paris Cosmetics.

Live Concerts

Eleanna continues with her live concert schedule on the east coast of the US.

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